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More Than Enough

You Came to Me

© 2006 Eric Rapp. All rights reserved.


Eric puts the trials of modern life into perspective.


and it takes a little time before they're gone

Pour a cup of coffee, write down what the voices said,

and then I'll have the strength to carry on


I'll go out into my car and hit the interstate

and join the drivers cursing the new day

We wonder why we waste our lives on boring jobs we hate,

but I guess we just don't see another way


But you came to me with the world upon your shoulders

You came to me

It's a miracle to me that you'd want to know our names

But you came here to be one of us,

with frustration, sweat, and pain

You came to me; you came to me.


When I want some conversation I gather friends around--

I think they're friends, at least that's what they say

But if there's more than one of them, they'll throw me to the ground

and defeat me in a tag-team verbal game.

I am looking for someone who'll listen to my dreams

or cares to hear whatever's on my mind.

I could get on a rooftop and tell it with a scream

or listen to the Word who gave me life


You came to me when you walked upon the water

You came to me

And you'll leave no one behind;

you said seek and you shall find

Broke bread with scoundrels, whores, and thieves--

cured the lepers and the blind

You came to me; you came to me.


My knees, they crack when I stand up, my beard is turning gray

and my mind is next to go--of that I'm sure

Though I try to know the lingo and the music of today,

the guys and the pretty girls all call me sir

The day is getting closer in this uneventful life

When I reach the end of possibilities

And the choices that I've made, sometimes they cut me like a knife,

but after death, I know you wait for me.


You came to me at the breaking of the morning

You came to me

And we thought that you were gone when they hung you up to bleed,

but after three days you appeared, saying "friend, why do you weep?"

You came to me; you came to me.