Greater Rochester Heritage Days fun

Yes, it was a long day, but a fun one! We left Fort Wayne just before 9:00, had lunch with my sister and folks in the Detroit area, left our daughter with them and headed up to Rochester to play for the Greater Rochester Heritage Days festival. What with some navigational challenges, chat time, set-up, and needing to be ready to clear out at 6:00, we played about three hours altogether. What a treat! We got to see a bunch of old friends and meet new ones--some we'd only "met" online up to then. We might even get invited back next year! Thanks to everyone for coming out and supporting us--it was great to see you. After the festival, we drove on north for a couple lakeside days with my folks, who'd taken Lauren with them. All in all, over six hours' driving and several more sitting around playing music--well worth the drive!