From the recording DEMO RECORDINGS

a demo recording


When I give you roses, I only give you one
because our love discloses the one and only Son.
Light will shine whenever two or more are together
and I will give you roses until our days are done.

I'd give you a moment. I'd try to make it true.
If I trapped time I'd own it, but that's something I can't do.
Days slip from my fingers. Out of reach they linger,
but I'd give you a moment custom made for you.

I'd give you a rainbow, though it won't touch the sky.
No water and red bordeaux flowing from my side.
A promise made forever is one I can't endeavor,
but I would give you rainbows until the day I die.

Winter has taken away all the roses.
Temptation has squandered all of my time.
A promise, like petals, decomposes,
'til we're left here holding all my lies.

So I'll give you a promise that doesn't come from me.
You'll find it in the psalmist and at Gethsemane.
It seems too good to be true, extremely hard to hold onto.
It's like perfect roses that you cannot yet see.