From the recording MORE THAN ENOUGH

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Married life certainly has its ups and downs, and in this song Eric offers some positive suggestions for handling the downs. [Note for those unfamiliar with the expression: a "boop" is a light, playful finger-tap on someone's nose.]


When your love is mad at you and finds fault in everything you do,
we can all agree, that sure is rough.
Well, lighten up and try not to sweat; rest assured there's still hope yet,
'cause there's a lot of ways to stay in love.

She yells at you as she is standing at the sink.
There's a broken glass, and it's your fault--that's what she thinks.
You feel so alone when she turns to tell you twice,
Have no fear; just remember this advice:

Give your love a kiss tonight, even though she seems uptight,
and she walks around in a great big huff.
Let her know that you will stay, and you love her anyway--
that's at least two ways to stay in love.

You might be thinking back when you had your first kiss,
And your high-school sweetheart looked so nice, you couldn't resist.
Now you find you're older and life has slipped away from you...
cheer up now, I'll tell you what to do.

Send your love a valentine, even though it's summertime.
Take her out to look at the stars above.
Tell your love how sweet she looks, how good the food tastes when she cooks,
and now we have six ways to stay in love.

Love's not what they speak of in movies and old songs.
Sometimes things go right, but more often they go wrong.
When you said "forever," you must have known that's a really long time...
Listen now, here's a few more things to try....

Write your love a melody, and call the tune a rhapsody;
say a little prayer to the Lord above.
Go and buy a single rose; sneak up behind and boop her nose--
now we have ten ways to stay in love.

Now we have ten ways--but there's a million ways...
There's a million ways to stay in love.