Eric & Polly Rapp

A rich baker's dozen of originals, two traditionals, and one modern gospel-style song. Music to make you laugh, bring tears to your eyes, and remind you that no matter how bad things look, there is Someone whose gift of grace is more than enough to compensate!

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Full Track List: 

1. Many Rivers (Steve Young) 

2. Ten Ways to Stay in Love (Eric Rapp) 

3. More Than Enough (Eric Rapp) 

4. If I Could Draw Like Marc Chagall (Eric Rapp) 

5. Precious Memories (J.B.F. Wright) 

6. Lauren's Lullaby (Eric Rapp) 

7. You Came to Me (Eric Rapp) 

8. I Thank God for You (Polly Rapp) 

9. Say Goodbye to Gitche Gumee (Eric Rapp) 

10. Hey, Preacher Man (Eric Rapp) 

11. Greater Glories Than These (Polly Rapp) 

12. Abigail Adams (Eric Rapp) 

13. Uncloudy Day (J.K. Alwood) 

14. These Are the Hands (Eric Rapp) 

15. Surprised by Joy (Eric Rapp) 

16. He Took My Part (Eric Rapp)