Paint Creek Folklore Society

Sampler of 18 songs by members of the Paint Creek Folklore Society. Includes Eric and Polly performing "Don't Forget about Me (When You Get to Heaven)".

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Full Track List: 

1. Music in Lawnridge Hall--Phil Doolittle

2. East Tennessee Blues--Picks & Sticks Stringband 

3. Don't Forget about Me--Eric & Polly Rapp 

4. The Fox--Maggie Ferguson 

5. Nail That Catfish to a Tree/Sandy Boys--Olde Michigan Ruffwater String Band 

6. Green Eyes--Mary and Jerry 

7. Lighthouse--Andy Mather 

8. Keweenaw Light--Denise Marie Stein 

9. Blue Luna--Dan House 

10. Dancing Clown--Judi Morningstar and founders of LDATS 

11. Never Grow Old--Cindy Feigel and Carl Visconti 

12. Simple Gifts--String Fever 

13. Appalachian Round--Paint Creek Round Quartet 

14. La Partida--String Fever 

15. Dance upon This Earth--Althea Doolittle 

16. Balkan Reel/New Five Cents--Joyous Noise 

17. Circle (with an Attitude)--Edna Garte 

18. Irish Blessing--Art Wojtowicz