New instrumental song--"Pleasant Hill" 

Now up on Vimeo is an instrumental Eric has been playing around with for years. He got to work on it while on our recent vacation and added some structure. He says, "It isn't perfect. For the moment, I'm calling it 'Pleasant Hill.'"

YouTube trouble 

Shortly after we created our channel, YouTube disabled it "for violating Google's Terms of Service." We can't imagine what the problem is, and they won't even acknowledge our repeated requests for an explanation and restoration of our channel. So we decided to try Vimeo instead. Look for us to occasionally upload videos at

YouTube channel 

We now have a YouTube channel, where we will be posting occasional videos. We did one today of Eric's song "Your Mother," in honor of Mother's Day. Check us out at

New web host 

As of today, our site has moved from Hostbaby to Bandzoogle. We've tried to make sure everything looks right and works as it should, but if you notice any problems, just let us know! And if you haven't before, why not bop over to the Guestbook and say hi? We love to hear from you!

Reactivated Guestbook 

Wow, it's been a long time, but since we've updated the web site we thought we'd try reactivating the guestbook and see whether the spam filtering has improved. If not, it'll disappear again. 

Smalltown Eclectic Fall Festival 

We played a half-hour set last night at this event in Belle Plaine, Minnesota, which came with pumpkin painting, metal casting, snacks, hot beverages, and a cozy firepit. What a great way to enjoy a mild autumn evening!