From the recording MORE THAN ENOUGH

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Seeing the world through a painter's eyes..."Pregnant Woman with Guitar" should be in the Louvre!


If I could draw like Marc Chagall,
I doubt I could do what he did.
He drew a cow holding a parasol,
and themes on religion and myth.
Lord knows I'm not a genius.
In visual ways, I'm not very smart,
But seeing you, I want to be a painter.
These would be some titles for my art:

"Woman with a Cat (running round in circles)"
"Fiancee in Top Hat" "Woman Wearing Purple" "
Fiancee Looking Sad" "Smiles among the Myrtle"
"Fiancee Lying Down" "Woman Wearing a Wedding Gown"

We are a lot like Bella and Marc,
though we don't live bohemian lives
We sit and play music 'til well after dark,
making up harmony and rhymes.
And now we're going to have a daughter.
Your belly's growing more all the time.
And ideas flow from me like water.
I draw these pictures of you in my mind...

"Pregnant Woman on a Bed" "Pregnant Woman Baking"
"Pregnant Woman Dressed in Red" "Pregnant Woman Dancing"
"Pregnant Woman Looking Mad" "Pregnant Woman Laughing"
"Pregnant Woman with Guitar" "Wife with Newborn in Her Arms"

If I live as long as Marc Chagall, I'd live for ninety-eight years
And just with you I'd share it all: happiness, anger, and tears.
When we reach the end of a lifetime I might be here all alone
By then I hope to have all these pictures
to look at all the good years we have known...

"Mother Making Cake" "Mother Lighting Candles"
"Mother Wading in a Lake" "Buying Daughter Sandals"
"Old Woman Doing Chores" "Old Woman Reading Bible"
"Old Woman on the Floor (Grandma playing with her grandchild)"

If I could draw like Marc Chagall, I doubt I could do what he did....