From the recording MORE THAN ENOUGH

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Originally inspired by a friend's whimsical request for a "song about bugs," this unexpectedly turned into an ode to friendship in general and three special people in particular.


Found a daddy-long-legs in my breadmaking bowl and I thought of you
loving critters great and small, things that fly and things that crawl--
and good friends, too
For your kindness when you dated my best friend,
hugs and counsel for a heart you helped to mend,
like a brother standing tall with strong arms if I should fall...
I thank God for you.

Had another long talk on the telephone line--well, it had to be you
Sharing laughter, joy, and tears, as we have so many years, like sisters do
For inviting me to share a dream or two,
Encouraging no matter what I do,
All the ways that you have been the very best of all best friends...
I thank God for you.

Well, the love between friends, at its best, never ends--it holds on tight
And in a small way we learn to display God's love and light

Heard some beautiful guitar-playing in the other room and I knew it was you
Crafting melody in strings, making harmony take wing--and my heart, too.
For the gifts you bear so modestly and share...
Kindness, wisdom, patience, faith, your gentle air,
For the love between us grown--a little echo of God's own...
I thank God for you, I thank God for you.