From the recording MORE THAN ENOUGH

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Eric's poignant response to the loss of their unborn son.


These are the hands that would have touched you,
untied your shoes, and tucked you in at night.
These are the arms that would have held you
if you had fallen and things hadn't turned out right.
These are the eyes that would have watched you
so anxiously as you were climbing up the stairs.
These are the ears that would have heard you
Saying new words, or, later, evening prayers.

This is the man you'd have called "Daddy"
then "Dad" then "Father" and later on, "Old Man."
The one who'd come home in time for dinner,
play catch with you and be your biggest fan.
This is the man who would have clothed you
and brought you in when you shivered from the cold.
This is the man who would have loved you
more than the world and all its gold.

This is the mind that's asking questions...
What did I do? or what could I have done?
This is the heart that keeps believing.
This is the faith, the hope to carry on.
There was his side where they had pierced him.
He was poured out like it says there in the psalm.
Those are his hands, and you are found there...
You are inscribed forever on his palms.

These are the hands that would have touched you....