1. Swallowed
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One of the first original songs we did in our first open-mics in 1997--just a few months after Eric quit commuting between Toledo and Detroit.


When I get to your foothills
When I get to your fields
I will go to the river
You'll hold your hand out to me
You'll hold my hand
And I will come to understand
and be gladly swallowed

I'll hit Toledo by morning
And by then I'll be halfway there
I'll come out from where it's storming
You'll come out your window
and meet me there
And if you say you'll lead the way
I will gladly follow

I can only give in so long
singing words to someone else's song
till I finally hear a song from you
I'll give in to you
I'll sing with you
I'll sing for you

I've got too much weight tied on me
by men who want to sell me fear
They tell me everyone disowns me
But as they're yelling at me
I close my ears
Turn my head and look away
And see all you gave me

I have wasted forty hours
I have wasted thirty years
But recently I have been thinking
I need to go back to you
And find my name
I hope that when you see me there
You will save me.