At the Blue Note Café with Art Wojtowicz

It's always a bit like coming home.... We first played at the "Live! from the Living Room" acoustic showcase on its premiere in Lake Orion, Mich., in January 2002, and tonight was our tenth feature appearance, now in Pontiac, Mich. We had a good crowd--it's always a good sign when they have to set up extra chairs! Our friend Art Wojtowicz also did a feature set, including many of my personal favorites as well as a number of newer songs. I (Polly) would have liked to sing along more, except I was fighting a cold and needed to save my voice for our set. Art closed with his very fine setting of the "Irish Blessing" ("May the road rise to meet you..."--on the Music in Lawnridge Hall CD, which also contains our song "Don't Forget About Me") and had the whole crowd singing along.... It might as well have been the traditional end-of-night singalong--it was that good. Ahhhh...what a privilege and pleasure to share the night with such a talented kindred spirit.