At the Hazel Park Talent Show

This was a first-time event for the city of Hazel Park, Mich., held in conjunction with the Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit as a fund-raiser. We were originally scheduled to play just 5 to 7 minutes, but a number of the people who had signed up didn't come, so we were asked to play longer. We chose "I'll Remember You, Love, in My Prayers" from our first CD, "Don't Forget about Me (When You Get to Heaven)" from the second Paint Creek Folklore Society sampler, and "He Took My Part" from our second CD, and we were very well received. It's always fun to make new friends and sell a few CDs! And it's not every day you get to perform for a mayor and a district judge. Other acts included a poet, a breakdancer, a bartender/juggler, a young flutist, a three-piece punk-rock band, and a pair of grade-school girls--quite a variety!