"Christian Night" at the Blue Note

It wasn't officially billed that way, but with Art Wojtowicz and Theresa Dalton on the bill (and with us as a brief warm-up act), the night played out a bit that way! We were delighted to be part of the evening as substitute sound-hands for co-host Dennis Kingsbury, who had another gig the same night. After host Maggie Ferguson and Denise Marie Stein, as Foxfire, gave us a selection of Thanksgiving-related tunes, we did three favorites and retreated to the sidelines to run the mixer and mics for Art and Theresa. They both did wonderful sets. With friend Eric Easterbrook adding tasty guitar licks and sweet harmonies, Art did many of his fine originals, which range from the sublime to the ridiculous. Theresa did a nice mix of covers and her own songs, powerfully sung. Both sets were permeated with the artists' faith...overall a wonderfully uplifting night!