Ways to Support "Issues, Etc." Staff

Todd Wilken and Jeff Schwarz, the host and producer of "Issues, Etc." have lost their jobs because of the cancellation of the show. According to someone who worked on the board overseeing the radio station, KFUO, severance packages are usually contingent on a signed promise never to talk about the termination. So if you would like to help Todd and Jeff through this difficult time, you may send checks to St. Paul Lutheran Church, Box 247, Hamel IL 62046, with "Wilken/Schwarz Fund" on the memo line, or you may contribute through PayPal at the Wittenberg Trail blog. Just scroll down a little and you'll see the link in the right sidebar. (Be aware, however, that PayPal will deduct their percentage--up to 2.9% plus 30 cents-- from your donation.) And, of course your prayers will also help!